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Introducing Selenge

Mongolia’s breadbasket, Selenge is a fertile landscape of rolling wheat fields, apple orchards and meandering rivers. Wide-scale agriculture has settled many nomads and nowadays wood cabins and trucks far outnumber gers (traditional yurts) and camel caravans. For travellers, the main reason to visit is the majestic, remote monastery, Amarbayasgalant Khiid.

This region is quite heavily populated and industrialised (for Mongolia), with Darkhan, Sükhbaatar, and Erdenet the main population centres. In the southeast, the open-pit coal mine at Sharyngol produces approximately two million tonnes of coal each year to provide electricity for the Erdenet mine in Bulgan aimag, and the mine itself is an offbeat attraction for visitors who've never seen one.

The mighty Selenge Gol starts in the mountains of western Mongolia and flows into Lake Baikal in Siberia, meeting the other great river, the Orkhon Gol, near Sükhbaatar.