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Introducing Creel

Creel is a railway and logging town surrounded by pine forests and interesting rock formations, and the center of Copper Canyon tourism. Don’t get any visions of teeming megaresorts into your head however: with its wide single main street and log-fuelled architecture, the town has good hotels, just a few restaurants and souvenir shops and an all-pervading, alpine-type serendipity. Tarahumara, in their multihued dress, are commonly seen about town. If you meet other travelers anywhere in northern Mexico, it will most probably be here, and while story-swapping in a hostel, hotel or cozy bar is fun, Creel’s main value for travelers is as a base for exploring the surrounding canyon country.

Creel can be very cold in winter, even snowy; and it’s none too warm at night in autumn. In summer, the cool air and pine-tree aroma from the surrounding forests are a welcome relief from Mexico’s coastal lowland and desert heat. Bring a sweater, even if the rest of Mexico is scorching.