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Introducing Pie de la Cuesta

Just 10km – and 100 years – from Acapulco is the tranquil seaside suburb of Pie de la Cuesta, a rustic beach town occupied by some terrific guesthouses and seafood restaurants. But it’s the odd combination of dramatic sunset views from the wide beach and bloody sunrises over the lagoon that have made Pie de la Cuesta famous. See, the town sits on a narrow, 2km strip of land bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Laguna de Coyuca (where Sylvester Stallone filmed Rambo: First Blood Part II). The large freshwater lagoon contains several islands including Isla Pájaros, a bird sanctuary. Pie de la Cuesta is much quieter, cheaper and closer to nature than Acapulco, but still close enough for those who want to enjoy the city’s attractions and nightlife.

During the post-Hurricane floods, the local air force base was the only functioning air strip, which served as base of operations for rescue missions, and as an air bridge between Acapulco and Mexico City. At its peak, military choppers airlifted tourists all day long, from the steamy mess of Acapulco's Daimente district, where they'd meet waiting AeroMexico and Interjet flights out of the Acapulco area.