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Introducing Catemaco

‘Bewitching’ is an adjective that encapsulates Catemaco in more ways than one. First, there’s the town’s startlingly bewitching location by a side of a large lake surrounded by luscious green hills. Second, there are the witches (and wizards) themselves; nothing of the fantastical Harry Potter variety, unfortunately; just common everyday working witches who’ll tell your fortune and excise you of nasty spirits.

Superstitious witchcraft aside, Catemaco is undoubtedly the best base for ecologically motivated forays into Reserva de la Biosfera Los Tuxtlas. Small, a little scruffy, yet handily positioned right on the lake, it’s reminiscent of a dusty backpacker destination from the 1980s, but without a significant number of backpackers – or any other foreigners for that matter. Alluring natural sights branch out in all directions.