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The South & Southeast/Mauritius

Introducing The South & Southeast

With flashes of India, Ireland and the Caribbean, the wild unfolding south is an undeniable favourite for many. Long considered too harsh to develop due to its steep, wind-battered cliffs, the south coast has managed to stave off the encroaching hands of developers until quite recently. A few luxury resorts have popped up over the last few years, but the area remains mostly rugged, with a plantation estate or two hidden among the towering cane.

The jagged southern cliffs taper off at the shimmering reefs in Blue Bay, and just beyond you'll uncover the gorgeous beach of Pointe d'Esny with its cluster of homely chambres d'hôtes. The gritty gridiron of Mahébourg anchors the southeast, providing an interesting perspective on local life that starkly contrasts with the unfurling streamers of sand stretching beyond the sleepy commercial centre. Then, the coastal road cuts north, passing endless forests of green – the stomping ground of the island's first settlers some 400 years ago.