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Parc National d'Ankarafantsika/Madagascar

Introducing Parc National d'Ankarafantsika

Probably the most interesting trip out of Mahajanga is to Parc National d’Ankarafantsika (130, 026 hectares), which contains the only fully protected example of dry western deciduous forest in Madagascar. At the park headquarters (in the area known as Station Forestière d’Ampijoroa) is a fascinating breeding centre for two threatened tortoise species, the flat-tailed tortoise (Pyxis planicauda) and the very rare ploughshare tortoise (Geochelone yniphora), as well as the only Malagasy endemic turtle, the rere (Erymnochelys madagascariensis). This centre is jointly run by the Malagasy government and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.