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Introducing Kazarman

Kazarman is the kind of town that begs to be bypassed. Even the main road (Kadykulov) from Naryn to Jalal-Abad sweeps by on the southern outskirts of town. However it’s not all bad; raw, untamed Kazarman’s redemption lies in the nearby petroglyphs of Sailmaluu Tash.

The town exists to serve the open-cast Makhmal gold mine about an hour to the east, and the nearby ore-processing plant, but not much of the wealth has trickled down into local hands.

Buses and taxis turn off the Naryn–Jalal-Abad through road and drop you five blocks north on the town’s main drag, Jeenaliev (also called Mira). From west to east on Jeenaliev you’ll find the Sailmaluu Tash park office, the Dom Kultura building, bus station, cafés and CBT office. One block north of the cafés is a tiny bazaar.