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Introducing Dibrugarh

Cheerful, clement Dibrugarh – Assam's original tea city – usefully closes a loop between Kaziranga and the Ziro–Along–Pasighat route in Arunachal Pradesh, and is also the terminus (or starting point) for the fascinating ferry ride along the Brahmaputra to Pasighat. Despite being a rapidly growing urban agglomeration, Dibrugarh has managed to retain some charm from its glory days – it's probably the only town in India with pretty tea gardens smack in the heart of the business district!

Dibrugarh is a reliable place to change money; State Bank of India cashes travellers cheques and foreign currency; there’s also an SBI ATM in the main bus station complex. Cyber@Generation Next is one of several internet cafes.

Hotel Mona Lisa, a multistoreyed establishment accessed through an alfresco coffee shop sporting ethno-tribal decor, is a superb budget hotel with character. The rooms are airy, spacious and well maintained, service (overseen by the lovely old proprietor) is good and there's a mess-like bar on the 1st floor (beers ₹120) where you can quaff booze in peace.

Hotel Little Palace, on the edge of town, is anything but little. Its 48 rooms are well appointed with clean linen, and the views of the Brahmaputra River from the verandah at the end of the corridor comes free. The flashy lobby downstairs has a well-stocked bar and a decent restaurant (mains ₹160).