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Introducing Sevagram

Sevagram, the Village of Service, is where Mahatma Gandhi set up base in the long run to Independence and established the Sevagram Ashram (284753; 6.30am-6.30pm).

The peaceful ashram, encompassing 40 hectares of farmland, as well as residences and research centres, is a long way from anywhere and, with very little to see, it’s only to be recommended to die-hard Gandhi fans. The highlights of a visit are the original huts that Gandhi lived in, one of which contains the great man’s toilet (Western style!), as well as some of his personal effects, including his famous walking stick.

Across the road from the ashram, the Gandhi Picture Exhibition (admission free; 10am-6pm Wed-Mon), traces his life through old photographs. For such an important figure, it’s unfortunate the exhibition is so dull and poorly presented.

Very basic lodging is available in Yatri Nivas (d Rs 80), across the road from the entry gate – book in advance through the ashram. Vegetarian meals are served in the ashram’s dining hall.