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Introducing Sevagram

About 85km from Nagpur, Sevagram (Village of Service) was chosen by Mahatma Gandhi as his base during the Indian Independence Movement. Throughout the freedom struggle, the village played host to several nationalist leaders, who would regularly come to visit the Mahatma at his Sevagram Ashram. The overseers of this peaceful ashram, built on 40 hectares of farmland, have carefully restored the original huts where Gandhi lived and worked, and which now house some of his personal effects.

Very basic lodging is available in the Yatri Nivas, across the road from the entry gate (booking recommended), and simple vegetarian meals can be served in the ashram’s dining hall with prior notice.

Just 3km from Sevagram, Paunar village is home to the Brahmavidya Mandir Ashram. Founded by Vinoba Bhave, a nationalist and disciple of Gandhi, the ashram is run almost entirely by women. Modelled on swaraj (self-sufficiency), it’s operated on a social system of consensus, with no central management.

Sevagram can be reached by taking a Wardha-bound bus from Nagpur (₹55, three hours).