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Introducing Arambol (Harmal)

Arambol (also known as Harmal) first emerged in the 1960s as a mellow paradise for long-haired long-stayers. Today, things are still decidedly cheap and cheerful, with much of the village’s budget accommodation arranged in simple little huts along the cliff sides. It’s a bit more mainstream festival in style than in days gone by, and it may be that many of today’s ‘hippies’ shave off their fortnight’s beards and take off their tie-dye once they’re back to their nine-to-five lives.

The village’s main covelike beach is gently curved and safe for swimming. Perhaps the reason why is that in recent years, Arambol has become popular among families with young children, who hang out happily with droves of uniformly dreadlocked, tattooed and creatively pierced individualists. Some people love Arambol for all this; others turn up their noses and move along, leaving today’s long-stayers to enjoy the pretty beach and extensive ‘alternative’ shopping opportunities provided by nonstop stalls all the way down the beach road (known locally as ‘Glastonbury St’) and along round the cliff. If you’re looking for a committed traveller vibe, this is the place to come. If you’re seeking laid-back languidness, you might be better heading down the coast to Mandrem or Aswem instead.