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Introducing Huehuetenango

Often used as a stopoff on the journey to or from Mexico, or as a staging area for forays deeper into the Cuchumatanes mountain range, Huehuetenango offers few charms of its own, though some may appreciate its welcoming if scruffy character. Fortunately, 'Huehue' (way-way) packs in plenty of eating and sleeping options along with some striking mountain scenery.

Huehuetenango was a Mam Maya region until the 15th century, when the K'iche', expanding from their capital K'umarcaaj, near present-day Santa Cruz del Quiché, pushed them out. But the weakness of K'iche' rule soon brought about civil war, which engulfed the highlands and provided a chance for Mam independence. The turmoil was still unresolved in 1525 when Gonzalo de Alvarado, the brother of Pedro, arrived to conquer Zaculeu, the Mam capital, for Spain.