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Introducing Juuma

The village of Juuma is a popular base for Karhunkierros treks and canoeing on the Kitkajoki. It’s a convenient place to stock up on supplies

If you have a little time for trekking, take the Pieni Karhunkierros (Little Bear’s Ring), an easy to moderate 12km loop trail taking in some fantastic scenery as it follows the river valley far below. It leaves from by the Retki-Etappi cafe and traverses varying terrain; the wet bits are all boardwalked, so this is less mushy in spring than most hikes. The walk takes three to four hours and is one of the most scenic short routes in Finland. There’s a wilderness hut on this trail – Siilastupa – and a day hut at Myllykoski. It’s well signposted, and busy. You can do it with snowshoes in winter.