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Levi (Sirkka)/Finland

Introducing Levi (Sirkka)

The phenomenal amount of construction that goes on here every summer attests to the boom of the Finnish ski business and Levi’s place near the top of the pile. Its compact centre, top-shelf modern facilities and large accommodation capacity mean it hosts many high-profile winter events; it’s also a very popular destination for ruska (Autumn leave) season hiking. Though many places shut down, there’s enough going on here in summer that it’s not moribund, and the great deals on smart modern apartments make this a tempting base from which to explore western Lapland, particularly for families.

Levi is actually the name of the fell, while Sirkka is the village, but most people refer to the whole place as Levi. The ski season runs from November to May, with the busiest period in March and April, when snow is good, temperatures aren’t extreme and there’s a bit of daylight. In summer and autumn, trekking and mountain biking are the main outdoor activities, while in December overseas charter flights descend, bringing families in search of reindeer and a white Christmas.