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Introducing Kumlinge

About 1¼ hours by ferry from Vårdö, Kumlinge municipality isn't exactly a thrumming tourist hotspot. The main island, Kumlinge, is flanked by Enklinge island to the north and Seglinge island to the south. All services can be found on Kumlinge, and a bank is on Enklinge. There is no accommodation on Seglinge and no restaurant - only a shop in the main village.

The ferry to Seglinge departs from the island of Snäckö, 8km from Kumlinge village. Local ferries to Enklinge from the main island depart from the village of Krokarno.

A marked cycling route runs from Snäckö north to Krokarno, with bridges between the islands. On Enklinge there is a signposted route from the harbour to the local museum.

Many consider Sankta Anna Church (summer) on Kumlinge island to be one of Finland's most beautiful churches, with 500-year-old Franciscan-style paintings. The church is some 2km north of Kumlinge village.

On Enklinge is the small open-air Hermas Farm Museum (55334; admission €2; 10am-4pm Mon-Fri Jun-Aug, 10am-7pm Jul), 3.5km from the pier, with 20 buildings that are all original to this island.