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Introducing Waya

Waya is exquisite on the eyes, with picture-postcard scenery. It has rugged hills, beautiful beaches and lagoons, and a coastline that alternates between long, sandy beaches and rocky headlands. Waya is also unusually blessed with natural springs that percolate up through the volcanic rock, so it is unlikely you will face water restrictions here. There are four villages (Nalauwaki, Natawa, Yalobi and Waya Levu), a nursing station and a boarding school on the island.

Hiking unguided across the island is not recommended. The land is privately owned, the terrain unforgiving and the hiking trails largely overgrown as many islanders now rely on motorised boats to get around. The best opportunity to work the pins is the summit trek to Ului Nakauka (three hours return). The track from Nalawauki village circles around the back of a huge rock outcrop before ascending to its summit. The views south across Waya and north towards Naviti are spectacular, and you may find yourself in the company of feral goats.

A thick rim of coral follows Waya’s shoreline and provides good snorkelling just off the beach in front of Octopus Resort. Yachties often anchor on one side or the other (depending on the wind) of the natural sand bridge that has formed between Waya and Wayasewa.