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Introducing Mana

The beautiful but literally divided island of Mana is about 30km northwest of Denarau. It’s home to the upmarket Mana Island Resort, and a couple of budget backpackers next to the village on the southeastern end. Incredibly, a high chainlink fence, and occasionally even a guard, separates the bure-bunnies from the dorm-dwellers, and signs throughout Mana Island Resort warn ‘nonguests’ that they are not welcome in their restaurants or shops. For their part, the budget resorts welcome everyone (their restaurants can be crowded with mealtime escapees from the big resort) but seem unable to cooperate among themselves.

Fence or no fence, the beaches are (mostly) open to all. Walking around the island isn’t really an option because of rocky points on the coast, but there are a couple of 20-minute hikes to Sunset Beach and to a lookout. There’s plenty to see underwater in the fish department anywhere off the beach, and decent coral off Sunset. Also check out the south-beach pier for a night snorkel; the fish go into a frenzy under the wharf lights.