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Introducing Kosrae

Kosrae (pronounced 'ko-shrye') is one of Micronesia's least spoilt and least developed areas, an unhurried place rich in stunning natural beauty. On this casual, unpretentious island, dubbed the 'Sleeping Lady', people consistently return a smile - more than a few dozen visitors at any one time is considered a stampede, and residents are naturally curious when newcomers arrive.

Kosrae's peaks are draped in lush tropical greenery; when they're shrouded in clouds, you know you're witnessing something special. The interior contains uncharted rainforests and mangrove swamps, and there's a pristine fringing reef and many delightful sandy beaches to explore. Flowering hibiscus, and bananas and coconuts are abundant, and the island is known for its citrus fruit, especially oranges, tangerines and limes.

The ruins of Kosrae's ancient stone city, Lelu, are not as well known as Pohnpei's Nan Madol ruins, but they're almost as impressive and more easily accessible, plus there's some good diving and surfing for aquatic types.