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Introducing Al-Tor

Al-Tor, also known as Tur Sinai, has been a significant port since ancient times, though today it primarily serves as the administrative capital of the South Sinai Governorate. With stiff and constant breezes, Al-Tor has been trying in recent years to establish itself as a wind- and kitesurfing destination.

National Bank of Egypt has a branch with an ATM; it’s in the town centre near the post office. If you’ve overstayed your welcome in Egypt, you can extend your visa at the Mogamma, the large administrative building on the main road in the town centre.

About 5km from town are some hot springs known as Hammam Musa, which tradition holds to have been one of the possible stopping points used by Moses and the Israelites on their journey through Sinai.

The focal point of wind- and kitesurfing in Al-Tor is the Moses Bay Hotel, located approximately 3km from town. Moses Bay has its own private stretch of sand, pleasant rooms, a restaurant, and a wind- and kitesurfing centre.

The East Delta bus station is along the main road at the northern edge of town opposite the hospital. Buses depart from 7am onward throughout the day to Sharm el-Sheikh (E£15 to E£20, two hours). From the bus station, you can hire a pickup for E£10 to take you to Moses Bay Hotel.