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Rebild Bakker & Rold Skov/Denmark

Introducing Rebild Bakker & Rold Skov

Rebild Bakker National Park is a great place to unwind if the urban experience starts to get to you. Relax by hiking through its lovely rolling hills and heathland. Rebild Bakker National Park was founded in 1912 by Danish Americans and is best known for its US-style 4th of July celebration, the largest held outside the USA.

A 4km trail begins in a sheep meadow opposite the Lincoln cabin, and numerous other trails crisscross the park and the adjacent Rold Skov, Denmark’s largest forest. The Ministry of the Environment publishes a useful leaflet Rebild Bakker Himmerland that gives basic directions for a number of rewarding walks. One of the best is the 3km Ravnkilde-Nordre Dybdal trail, which takes in some good views and passes interesting old buildings and ruins.

The Rebild Festival is an annual event held on 4 July, celebrating Danish American connections. It commemorates over 300,000 Danish immigrants to the USA during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the strong familial bonds that survive between the USA and Denmark. There are concerts performed by both military and civilian orchestras and bands, receptions, picnics, dancing as well as rock- and country-music shows.

Safari Camping (98 39 11 10; Rebildvej 17; adult/child Dkr68/34) is nearby. You can get meals at the park cafeterias. The tiny, quaint, thatch-roofed Danhostel Rebild (98 39 13 40; www.vandrerhjem.net; dm/r Dkr150/375;) is next to the park entrance.

From Aalborg, Århus-bound trains stop in Skørping (Dkr48, 16 minutes), from where it’s 3km to Rebild. Bus No 104 runs between Aalborg and Rebild (Dkr42, 45 minutes, 10 times daily Monday to Friday, six times daily Saturday and Sunday), via Skørping.