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Introducing Buzet

It may not be Istria's most fascinating town, but sleepy Buzet, 39km northeast of Poreč over the Mirna River, offers a whiff of the timeless grace of old Istria. First settled by the Romans, Buzet achieved real prominence under the Venetians, who endowed it with walls, gates and several churches. With its grey-stone buildings in various stages of decay and restoration, and the cobblestone streets nearly deserted (most of Buzet’s residents resettled at the foot of the hill in the unbecoming new part of town long ago), the old town is a quiet but charming place.

Enjoy a wander around the maze of Buzet’s narrow streets and squares, its sights all well marked with English plaques. The other reason to come here is the glorious truffle. Self-dubbed the city of truffles, Buzet takes its title seriously. Lying at the epicentre of the truffle-growing region, it offers a variety of ways to celebrate the smelly fungus, from sampling it at the old town’s restaurant to various truffle-related activities, including the Festival of Subotina.