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Introducing Qīngyuǎn

The industrial town of Qīngyuǎn (清远) is where to set off for a scenic jaunt down the Běijiāng River (北江). The secluded temple in Fēilái and the monastery in Fēixiá are the main attractions. Four-hour cruises (¥380 to ¥600 for the whole boat, depending on size) leave from Qīngyuǎn’s Wǔyī dock (五一码头; Wǔyī Mǎtóu).

You can buy seafood from the floating market at Fēixiá and your boatman will cook it for you at no extra charge. Make sure you do so after sightseeing. Boat operators are known to return produce to vendors in exchange for cheaper versions, when you're not looking.