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Introducing Valle Gran Rey

Bet you can’t make it all the way down to the shore without stopping at one of the lookout points to sigh at the natural beauty of the ‘Valley of the Great King’. A deep, green gorge running down to meet the island’s longest beach, this is La Gomera’s tourist epicentre. If you speak German you’ll feel right at home, as most services here are geared towards the many Germans in search of sunshine and nature.

Before you descend into the valley, you could stop at the Ermita del Santo in Arure, where a tiny chapel is built into the rock face and is surrounded by a recently built mirador showing off the southern landscape.

Also worth a stop, the Mirador César Manrique enjoys incredible views of Valle Gran Rey’s gorge and the mountains that loom around it. The restaurant (mains €8-14; closed Sun dinner) serves Canary fusion food, like king prawns with curry.

A few kilometres further on is another of the area’s many road-side chapels: the best feature of the Ermita de San Antonio is the view from the plaza outside.