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Introducing Main Street

After the north-end hub of Science World and the nearby Olympic Village, the main action on Main takes place further south in two key areas: around the intersection with Broadway and then south from 18th Ave: these are the twin hearts of Vancouver's hipster scene. The first, the center of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, is lined with independent bars and coffee shops, while the Riley Park area past 18th is perfect for airing your credit cards: it's full of one-of-a-kind fashion, arts and accessories stores. Consider an afternoon of window shopping here, followed by dinner and a few beers in either area. Bus 3 runs along Main from the Main St-Science World SkyTrain station, but make sure you hop off regularly for some on-foot exploration. If you're still hungry, stay on the bus south past 48th Ave where you'll find the Punjabi Market district. Known by some as Little India, it's a colorful, compact strip of Asian clothing stores and some of the region's best-value, all-you-can-eat curry restaurants.