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Presidente Figueiredo

Introducing Presidente Figueiredo

Self-named the ‘Terra de Cachoeiras’ (Land of Waterfalls), this dusty little town is surrounded by dozens of waterfalls and caves. Among the most impressive are Iracema, Cachoeira da Onza, Caverna do Maroaga, Gruta Judéia, Santuario, Asaframa and Pedra Furada (the most distant of the falls, 60km from town). You need a vehicle to visit the waterfalls here; you can rent a car from Manaus (125km south), or take the bus and hire a guide in Presidente Figueiredo; there's a tourist kiosk a short distance from the bus station. Several agencies in Manaus offer tours in this area, too, notably Amazon Eco Adventures and Tropical Tree Climbing. Be aware that this is the only leisure spot easily accessible by road from Manaus, and so it gets obscenely packed most weekends.