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Week 1: Getting out of the house

Hi I'm Natalie and after asking someone in a random chatroom "asl? " ("age, sex, location?") became less popular, I decided to make videos on the internet.

Lonely Planet thought it would be a good idea to get me out of the house to see the world now that I've finished university so I'm preparing for a very long four month trip. My mum is pretty excited about my going. She keeps telling me, "maybe you'll meet a nice man overseas! How romantic!" It'd be pretty romantic if I just met a man but hey, landscapes and overseas adventures will also satisfy.

To be honest, I'm a pretty big history geek so I'm pretty positive there will be so many historical reenactments happening along this trip that BBC are going to get jealous. I also can't wait to see places like France, Egypt, Argentina, The Moon, Mexico and 1934. It's going to be awesome.

The hardest part about preparing for a trip like this is packing. I mean what do you pack for such a long trip? For some reason I always panic in preparation for trips and feel like I'm going out in the wilderness. I just packed the most heavy-duty sneakers I could find for hypothetical cross country running I'll never do. I also pack absurd amounts of formal clothes "just in case". I swear, I'm prepared for battle, a wedding, surfing and a magazine shoot. Oh well, "just in case".

I've also been stressing a little bit about the flights. I'm just over 5 foot so I'm cool in airplane seats but because I'm small people always ask me to sit in the middle. Again, that's cool but then they don't move when I have to get out so there's going to be a lot of my awkwardly climbing over people and grabbing on to their heads to get out of my chair.

Anyway I have to go finish packing, I spend at least an hour creating combinations on my locks that I'll forget.

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