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Introducing Bonaire

Bonaire’s worldwide appeal to divers is its amazing reef-lined coast, all of which is a national park. But while no diving (or snorkeling) initiate will be disappointed, Bonaire also has much to offer above the surface, including world-class windsurfing. Although the beaches are mostly slivers of rocky sand, several take on a pink hue from ground coral washed ashore. Also in the pink are the flamingos found throughout the salt flats and mangroves of the south.

Bonaire has a real community feel: your innkeeper may be your divemaster by day or your waiter at a friend’s restaurant at night.

Much of the infrastructure on the island supports diving: where else can you find a hotel with a drive-through air-tank refilling station? However, there are some good restaurants, and the main town of Kralendijk has a modest but enjoyable nightlife. If you’re not a diver – or an avid reader – you may not find much to fill a week on Bonaire, but a few days will pass delightfully. And just in case you forget why most people come, check out the license plate of the car in front of you, it says: ‘Diver’s Paradise.’