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Yeghegnadzor & Around/Armenia

Introducing Yeghegnadzor & Around

An overgrown country town built on twisting lanes that wind into the hills, Yeghegnadzor (yeh-heg-nadzor) is the peaceful administrative centre of Vayots Dzor. The town is a mainly Soviet-era confection of wide civic spaces and tufa apartment blocks. A few small factories (eg a diamond-cutting plant) have opened, but remittances and agriculture provide the biggest incomes. There isn’t much to see in the town itself, but it does make a good base to explore the region – you could easily spend three or four days here in between trips to Yeghegis village, Noravank, the Ajeri and Arpi caves and the wineries in Areni and Spitakavor.

The town has moneychangers, a UniBank (52 13 43) with an ATM (accepting Visa cards) and the Arpa Net Internet Café (2 21 23; per hr AMD300; 9am-9pm) just downhill from the avtokayan.