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Parque Nacional Iguazú

Introducing Parque Nacional Iguazú

On the Argentine side, this park has plenty to offer, and involves a fair amount of walking. The spread-out complex at the entrance has various amenities, including lockers, an ATM – you have to pay in cash in pesos – and a restaurant. There’s also an exhibition, Yvyrá-retã, with a display on the park and Guaraní life essentially aimed at school groups. The complex ends at a train station, where a train runs every half-hour to the Cataratas train station, where the waterfall walks begin, and to the Garganta del Diablo. You may prefer to walk: it’s only 650m along the Sendero Verde path to the Cataratas station, and a further 2.3km to the Garganta, and you may well see capuchin monkeys along the way.

There’s enough here to detain you for a couple of days; admission is reduced by 50% if you visit the park again the following day. You need to get your ticket stamped when leaving on the first day to get the discount.