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Introducing Cosquín

Cosquín is known throughout the country for its Festival Nacional del Folklore, a nine-day national folk-music festival which has been held in the last week of January since 1961. The town gets packed for the festival, stays busy all summer and goes pleasantly dead the rest of the year. The slightly more hardcore Cosquín Rock Festival used to be held here, until the neighbors decided that teenagers with wallet chains, studded wristbands and piercings weren’t really the tourist trade they were looking for. The festival relocated a few years ago to the banks of the nearby (and aptly named) Lago San Roque.

East of town, 1260m Cerro Pan de Azúcar offers good views of the sierras and, on a clear day, the city of Córdoba. An aerosilla runs to the summit regularly in summer – check with the tourist office in the off season. A taxi to the base should cost about AR$80, including waiting time.

Across the river from the center of town (turn left after the bridge), Av Belgrano forms 4km of waterfront promenade – a great place for a stroll on a summer’s day, dotted with swimming holes that pack out when the temperature rises.

The municipal tourist office has a good map of the town.