Top ChoiceWaterfall in Victoria Falls (town)

Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls National Park

Here on the Zimbabwe side of the falls you're in for a real treat. Some two-thirds of Victoria Falls are located here, including the main falls themselves, which flow spectacularly year-round. The walk is along...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Western Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park

One of the 10 largest national parks in Africa, and the largest in Zimbabwe, at 14,651 sq km, Hwange National Park, pronounced ‘Wang-ee’, has a ridiculous amount of wildlife. Some 400 species of bird and 107...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Western Zimbabwe

Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park

Home to some of the most majestic granite scenery in the world, the Matobo National Park is one of the unsung highlights of Zimbabwe. This Unesco World Heritage Site is a stunning and otherworldly landscape of...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Bulawayo

Natural History Museum

Zimbabwe's largest and best museum makes for an essential visit. Set over three floors, it offers a great overview of the country's natural, anthropological and geological history. Its highlight is its taxidermy...

Top ChoiceCultural Centre in Victoria Falls (town)

Jafuta Heritage Centre

This impressive little museum details the cultural heritage of Zimbabwe's indigenous ethnic groups. There's good background information on the Shona, Ndebele, Tonga and Lozi people, as well as fascinating...

Archaeological Site in Bulawayo

Khami Ruins

Just 22km from Bulawayo, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Khami Ruins may not have the grandeur of Great Zimbabwe, but it's an impressive archaeological site nonetheless. The second largest stone monument built...

Historic Site in Matobo National Park

World's View (Malindidzimu Hill)

One of Zimbabwe's most breathtaking sites, the aptly named World's View takes in epic 360-degree views of the park. The peacefulness up here is immense, taking on a spiritual quality that makes it clear why it's...

Museum in Bulawayo

Bulawayo Railway Museum

Whether you're a train enthusiast or not, Bulwayo's Railway Museum rarely disappoints. Its passionate curator, Gordon Murray, will take you on a tour of the place, where you'll get a fascinating insight into the...

Archaeological Site in Matobo National Park

Rock Art Caves

Dotted around the 425-sq-km Matobo National Park are 3000 officially registered rock-art sites, including one of the best collections in the world of San paintings (estimated to be anywhere from 6000 to 10,000...

Gallery in Bulawayo

National Art Gallery

Set in a beautiful 100-year-old, colonial, double-terrace Edwardian building, the National Art Gallery shows temporary and permanent exhibitions of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture and paintings. A visit here...

Wildlife Reserve in Hwange National Park

Painted Dog Visitor Centre

An interesting place to visit in-between safaris or en route to the park is this NGO, which works towards the protection of the critically endangered African wild dog. A lot of effort has gone into the place,...

National Park in Victoria Falls (town)

Zambezi National Park

Just 5km from the town centre is this vastly underrated national park, comprising 40km of Zambezi River frontage and a spread of wildlife-rich mopane (woodland) and savannah. It's best known for its herds of...

Zoo in Victoria Falls (town)

Snake Pit

Black mambas, spitting cobras and puff adders ain't things you want to come across in the wild, so fortunately they're all here to see behind the safety of glass. The impressive reptile selection comprises mainly...

Wildlife Reserve in Victoria Falls (town)

Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve

Situated 12km from town is this private game reserve covering 4000-hectares. It's home to the Big Five, including the critically endangered black rhino, which you're almost guaranteed to see. Game drives are...

Viewpoint in Hwange National Park

Nyamandhlovu Viewing Platform

A driving loop via Main Camp will take you to Nyamandhlovu Pan, with the high-rise Nyamandhlovu Viewing Platform overlooking a water hole popular with animals.

Ruins in Hwange National Park

Bumbusi Ruins

Located about 70km from Hwange town, on the edge of the national park, are these remote and neglected large stone-wall ruins believed to date from the 18th century. The site is rarely visited, and believed to be...

Picnic Area in Hwange National Park

Ngwethla Picnic Site

A section along the Ngwethla driving loop that regularly offers a good variety of wildlife to see.