Zimbabwe in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Customs Regulations

Visitors may import a maximum of US$350 in items not for trade, excluding personal effects. Travellers over 18 years of age can also import up to 5L of alcohol, including 2L of spirits.

While there's no limit on how much you can bring into the country, visitors aren't permitted to take out more than US$1000.


With a few exceptions, visas are required by nationals of all countries; they can be obtained at your point of entry.

Further Information

Single-/double-entry visas cost US$30/45 (and can be issued upon arrival) and multiple-entry visas (valid for six months) cost US$55, but are only issued at Zimbabwean diplomatic missions. British and Irish citizens pay US$55/70 for single/double entry.

In December 2016, the KAZA visa was reintroduced, which allows most visitors to acquire a single 30-day visa (US$50) for both Zimbabwe and Zambia. As long as you remain within these two countries, you can cross the border multiple times (day trips to Botswana at Kazungula will not invalidate the visa). These visas are available at Harare airport, as well as at the Victoria Falls and Kazungula crossings.

Visa Extenstions

For visa extensions, contact the Department of Immigration Control in Harare.