Tengenenge Art Community

While the surrounding hills in the Great Dyke region are scarred by years of heavy mining, there's a whole different kind of rock chipping going on at Tengenenge Art Community. Founded in 1966 by former tobacco farmer Tom Bloefield, this harmonious arts village has defied the odds to survive through the hard times and is now home to a population of 120 sculptors, representing three generations.

In a country famous for its sculpture, Tengenenge is the pick of the places to visit, being one large open-air gallery where you'll meet and see the artists at work, several of whom have exhibited their works overseas. Each has their own plot of land where they both exhibit and work away using serpentine and spring stone, producing world-class, yet affordable, pieces.

Management of the village was in the process of being handed over to Harare's National Galley, which will likely provide a boost in marketing profile and improve facilities.

Most visitors are day trippers, but it's worth staying overnight in the attractive and well-maintained traditional mud huts to give you a very off-the-beaten track feel. Visitors are also able to help out at Tengenenge's delightful preschool if they wish. Donations such as kids' books and crayons are accepted.