Food in Zimbabwe is generally good and typically comprises charcoal-grilled meats such as T-bone steaks, chicken or Zambezi bream served with greens and a starch – whether that's sadza (maize porridge) or chips. In the cities and tourist towns you'll get a good assortment of multicultural cuisine, as well as exotic game meats such as crocodile, kudu and warthog. Sandwiches, pies and other cafe fare is also widely available.

The Basics

The staple for locals is sadza, a white maize meal made into either porridge or something resembling mashed potato, which is eaten with your fingers and served with tomato-based relishes, meat and/or gravy.

Zimbabwe, once one of the world’s great beef producers, still has good beef widely available. Popular fish include trout from rivers or dams in the Eastern Highlands and bream or the whitebait-like dried kapenta, another staple, both plentiful in Lake Kariba.

The cities and bigger towns offer a variety of cosmopolitan restaurants. In Harare they are mostly in converted houses with beautiful gardens. All tourist hotels serve European and vegetarian dishes. Generally the restaurants are good and a meal will cost US$10 to US$30.

For self-caterers, supermarkets are well stocked with all the items you need and they're also handy for budget travellers with a selection of inexpensive ready-made meals.