Getting Around

If you're self-driving, most visitors make a few loops starting near the Main Camp. Nyamandhlovu Pan, featuring the high-rise Nyamandhlovu Viewing Platform, overlooks a popular water hole. On the way from the Main Camp, check for wildlife hanging around Dom Pan. South of the Main Camp is Ngwethla Loop, accessible to any vehicle. It passes the magnificent Kennedy Pans, popular with elephants, though the greatest variety of wildlife can be found at the Ngwethla Picnic Site.

There's no private driving after 6pm, so you must leave Robins Camp by 3pm to reach Sinamatella (and vice versa). Robins is 150km west of Hwange Main Camp, so to get there you must depart Robins by noon (and vice versa). Similarly, Sinamatella is 125km northwest of Hwange Main Camp, so you must leave Sinamatella by 2pm.

Access is possible in any sturdy vehicle between May and October, but you'll need a 4WD during the wet season. Consult a ranger (at any of the three camps) about road conditions before heading off too far into the park.

Petrol is available from the Main Camp only, where you'll pay around 10¢ extra a litre than elsewhere.