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Getting There & Away

The park is between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, 300km and 180km away respectively, making it the most accessible and convenient park for many visitors.

The Intercape Pathfinder ( bus stops at Hwange Safari Lodge. From here Main Camp is a further 10km, which you'll need to hitch (never entirely safe and we don't recommend it). A safer option is to arrange a safari drive with Hwange Safari Lodge and get dropped at the Main Camp afterwards.

It's essential to pre-book the bus otherwise it won't make the detour here. Coming from Bulawayo the bus heading to Vic Falls arrives at 6.15pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; if heading to Bulawayo or Harare the bus arrives at 9.45am from Victoria Falls.

It's an option to fly in, too, by charter plane, arriving at Hwange NP Airport.