Eastern Highlands attractions

Park in Eastern Highlands

Chimanimani National Park

With its pristine wilderness, Chimanimani National Park is a hiker's paradise. Sharing a border with Mozambique, the park is still very wild and unspoiled, with picturesque landscapes, evergreen forest, cascading st…
Archaeological Site in Nyanga National Park

Ziwa Ruins

These National Monument ruins of communities who specialised in pottery date to AD 200 and are one of Zimbabwe's more impressive archaeological sites. The terraced hills are from ensuing agricultural communities fro…
National Park in Eastern Highlands

Nyanga National Park

Scenic and secluded, beautiful Nyanga National Park is 100km north of the Bvumba, the central mountains of the Eastern Highlands. Some parts may remind you of Scotland while others are reminiscent of Arizona. Nyanga…
Wildlife Reserve in Mutare

Cecil Kop Wildlife & Nature Reserve

Only 2km from Mutare, this low-key nature reserve is definitely worth a visit if you're hanging around town. Set over 1500 hectares, it's home to elephants, giraffes, zebras, a variety of antelope and monkeys. A sna…
Museum in Nyanga National Park

Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition

The Nyanga Historical Exhibition is housed in Cecil Rhodes' (1853–1902) former stables in the grounds next door to the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel. It has a wonderful collection of his belongings, as well as some interestin…
Waterfall in Chimanimani

Bridal Veil Falls

The aptly named Bridal Veil Falls drop 50m in a delicate, fanned manner. It's worth a visit for its tranquil sanctuary location where you can swim at the base of the falls. It's 6km northwest of town, just over an h…
Spring in Chimanimani National Park

Tessa's Pool

A popular place to visit within the national park is this natural swimming hole. Also here are San rock art paintings, but drop by the Outward Bound School (a children's adventure camp that manages the area) first t…
Viewpoint in Nyanga National Park

World's View

A National Trust site, World's View is perched atop the Troutbeck Massif (2000m), with broad views of northern Zimbabwe. There's also a gallery showing local artists. It’s 11km up a winding, steep road from Troutbec…
Cave in Chimanimani National Park

North Cave

A 30-minute walk north of the mountain hut, North Cave overlooks a waterfall and opens onto views of the highest peaks. Above the waterfall is a pool, perfect for a teeth-chattering dip if you need some refreshment.
Mountain in Chimanimani National Park

Mt Binga

The highest point in the Chimanimani Range is the 2437m-high Mt Binga on the Mozambican border, a stiff three-hour climb from the mountain hut site. Carry plenty of water.