What to Take

  • As a result of cash shortages in 2016, many foreign embassies advise to bring enough US dollars to last you for the duration of your trip
  • Mosquito repellent containing DEET
  • UK power plug adaptor
  • Spare, fully charged camera battery for safaris

What to Wear

  • Hiking boots for treks and getting about national parks.
  • Long-sleeved clothing for the evenings to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Khaki-, olive- and brown-coloured clothing for safaris; avoid military clothing, which is illegal.
  • Hat and summer clothing for warm temperatures during the day.
  • Jacket for fresh, chilly evenings.
  • Wet-weather jacket if visiting Victoria Falls from January to June.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Due to cash shortages, make online payments in advance for hotels, safaris etc
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance that covers you in case of loss of cash and for activities such as white-water rafting etc
  • Begin all recommended vaccinations one to three months in advance
  • If visiting Mana Pools in August, book accommodation six months earlier