Bus Station in Livingstone

Big Tree Bus Station

Livingstone's intercity and international bus departures leave from the north of town at the market square a few blocks off the main thoroughfare. Note that plans are in place to relocate the bus terminal to...

Bus in Livingstone


Runs three services a week to Windhoek (ZMW476 to ZMW623, 18 hours) at 10am on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Also has a daily 1pm bus to Johannesburg (ZMW470, 12 hours).

Bus in Livingstone

Mazhandu Family Bus Services

Seven daily buses to Lusaka (ZMW120) from 6am till 10.30pm. Also heads to the Copperbelt including Kabwe (ZMW185), Kitwe (ZMW200) and Chingola (ZMW220).

Airline in Livingstone

British Airways

Operated by Comair, BA have daily flights from Johannesburg to Livingstone (1¾hr) for around US$130.

Bus in Livingstone

Shalom Bus

Has nine daily buses to Lusaka (ZMW120, seven hours) from 5.30am to 10pm.

Bus in Livingstone


A daily bus to Windhoek departing 12.30pm (ZMW650, 18 hours).