Zambia in detail


Good manners and politeness are key to all social interactions in Zambia. Whether dealing with police officers at road blocks, a bus conductor or hotel staff, you should always begin by asking how they are and how their day is going.

  • Greetings There are a few regional handshakes you'll encounter across Zambia. Probably the most common form is the 'African handshake', which involves a traditional handshake, before sliding into an upwards clasping of the thumbs, before returning to the original handshake.
  • Affection Public display of affection isn't an aspect of daily life in Zambia and it's best to avoid this.
  • Eating In Zambia locals forgo utensils when eating nshima; always use your right hand to scoop it up with the fingers before dipping it in gravy, vegetables etc and popping it into your mouth. At meal's end, someone will usually come round with a bucket for handwashing, or otherwise just head to the washroom.