Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$150

  • Campsite, dorm bed: US$8–20
  • Double room in a guesthouse: US$25–50
  • Local meal: US$2–10
  • Beer: US$2
  • Long-distance bus ticket: US$5–30
  • National park entrance: US$5–25
  • Wildlife drive or walk in national park: US$35–45

Midrange: US$150–500

  • Double hotel room: US$80–200
  • Lunch and dinner in restaurants: US$10–25
  • Car/4WD rental: US$100–250
  • Lusaka–Mfuwe flight: US$150
  • Safari package with meals and activities: from US$250

Top End: More than US$500

  • Charter flight: from US$400
  • Car transfers: US$200
  • All-inclusive safari package: US$250–1100
  • Hotel room: US$250–400