Eastern Zambia attractions

Top Choice National Park in Eastern Zambia

South Luangwa National Park

For scenery, variety and density of animals, South Luangwa is the best park in Zambia and one of the most majestic in Africa. Impalas, pukus, waterbucks, giraffes and buffaloes wander on the wide-open plains; leopar…
National Park in Eastern Zambia

North Luangwa National Park

This park is large, wild and spectacular, but nowhere near as developed or set up for tourism as its southern counterpart. The big draw of North Luangwa is its walking safaris, where you can get up close to the wild…
National Park in Eastern Zambia

Luambe National Park

Hidden in between South and North Luangwa, is the rarely visited Luambe National Park. Though tiny in size, it's one of the country's oldest parks (gazetted in 1938) and is home to all of the same big-name animals y…
Mosque in Chipata

Central Jami Mosque

Built in 1963, this attractive rose-coloured mosque is reminiscent of a style found in south Asia.