Historic Site in Shibam

Old Town

Although old Shibam covers a very small area, it manages to pack over 500 dwellings into this confined space. The exterior of the buildings tends to be dull and featureless, but keep an eye open for the magnificent …
Museum in Sayun

Sultan’s Palace

Originally built as a 19th-century defensive fort, the Sultan’s Palace was converted into a residential palace by the Sultan Al-Katheri in the 1920s. The sultan wasn’t a subtle man and his house, containing a mere 9…
Museum in Shibam

Minbar Museum

Historic Building in Tarim

Al-Kaf Palace

As-Sayed Omar bin Sheikh al-Kaf built the Al-Kaf Palace, Tarim’s most flamboyant, apparently using a book of different architectural styles as a template, in a kind of ‘pick-your-own’ project! The result is an unlik…
Historic Building in Tarim

Al-Ahgaf Manuscript Library

Housed in the back of the Great Mosque (or Masjid al-Jami), Al-Ahgaf Manuscript Library is the second-largest library in the country and contains over 5000 manuscripts, though most are hidden from prying eyes. Some …
Mosque in Tarim

Al-Muhdar Mosque

The large and dazzling-white Al-Muhdar Mosque, built in 1915, is the symbol of Tarim and until the construction of the new Al-Saleh Mosque in Sanaʻa it boasted the tallest minaret in Yemen; it soars nearly 40m into …