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Arts & Crafts in Suqutra (Socotra)

Socotra Women’s Association Shop

Situated on Hadibu’s main road this small shop – which sells locally made crafts, incense and even small packets of 'dragon’s blood' – was closed throughout much of 2011–12, but the word is that it's about to re-ope…
Museum in Al-Mukalla

Mukalla Museum

Occupying part of the elegant former Sultan’s Palace, this museum contains displays relating to the sultan and to the town’s history.
Ruins in Ma'rib

Great Ma’rib Dam

Lying 8km southwest of town is the extraordinary Great Ma’rib Dam, justly Yemen’s most famous monument. The dam is believed to date to at least the 8th century BC. It was periodically repaired; the last recorded tim…
Omani in Suqutra (Socotra)

Taj Socotra Restaurant

Below the hotel of the same name, this is every local’s favourite eating establishment and we won’t argue with their choice.
Ruins in Ma'rib

‘Arsh Bilqis

Lying on the Safir road, the ancient and enigmatic ‘Arsh-Bilquis (Bilqis Palace/Bilqis Throne/Temple of the Moon) is the site of the famous five-and-a-half columns often seen in tourist brochures. Although linked to…
Ruins in Ma'rib

Mahram Bilqis

The kidney-shaped Mahram Bilquis (Temple of Bilqis/Awwam Temple) is believed to date from at least 800 BC and was dedicated to the sun god. Measuring 94m by 82m, it's the largest of all the Sabaean temples. Remains …
Old Town in Ma'rib

Old Ma’rib

Rising like a spectre from the surrounding landscape is the eerie silhouette of Old Ma’rib. Originally built long before the 1st millennium BC and sitting on foundations that are vastly more ancient, it suffered muc…