Top Choice Museum in Sanaʻa

National Museum

Claiming to be the largest museum on the Arabian Peninsula, the National Museum is certainly one of the best. The ground and 1st floors contain a breathtaking collection of statues, figurines and other artefacts fro…
Museum in Sanaʻa

Dar al Hayas a Sanania

This renovated old tower house is the newest museum in the city. It reveals something of the life and times of a traditional Sanaʻa home. The opening hours are very erratic but as the owner lives there you only need…
Museum in Sanaʻa

Military Museum

The ground floor contains Sabaean overflow from the National Museum, which means this military museum is more interesting than it sounds. After that the displays revert to the standard death and guns of military mus…
Gallery in Sanaʻa

National Handicrafts Training Center

The gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the National Handicrafts Training Center. This former samsarah (resting/storage house for merchants using the old incense trading routes) also houses a series of other shop…
Museum in Aden

National Museum for Antiquities

The excellent National Museum for Antiquities has wonderful exhibits from the ancient Kingdoms of Yemen including marble and gypsum statues of humans that look like zombies brought back from the dead. Other highligh…
Museum in Aden

Military Museum

The Military Museum was closed at the time of research and seemed unlikely to ever open again, but it's worth cruising past and checking just in case.
Bath House in Sanaʻa

Hammam Abhar

In the old city, Hammam Abhar lies near the Dar al Hayas a Sanania museum.
in Wadi Dhahr

Dar al-Hajar

The most popular afternoon excursion from Sanaʻa is to the palace of Dar al-Hajar in the fertile Wadi Dhahr. Constructed as a summer residence for Imam Yahya in the 1920s, the palace has become something of a symbol…
Fort in Thilla

Husn Thilla

From town, an old and beautifully constructed stone staircase leads up to Husn Thilla. The fort remained unconquered by the Ottomans, and though the exterior is impressive, the interior is sadly devoid of life. Ther…
National Park in Jabal Bura

Jabal Bura Protected Area