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Western Europe is a breeze to reach by air.

Airports & Airlines

Western Europe is well served by just about every major airline in the world.

Major cities have at least one airport.

Key intercontinental hubs include Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport), Frankfurt (Frankfurt Airport), London (Heathrow), Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Rome (Leonardo da Vinci aka Flumicino).

Departure Tax

All taxes are included in tickets; there's no separate departure tax from any Western European country.


You can easily get to Western Europe from the rest of Europe by road, bus or train. The further away you're coming from, however, the more complicated it can be.


It's possible to get to Western Europe by train from central and eastern Asia, but count on spending at least eight days doing it.

Four different train lines wind their way to Moscow: the Trans-Siberian (9259km from Vladivostok), the Trans-Mongolian (7621km from Beijing) and the Trans-Manchurian (8986km from Beijing) all use the same tracks across Siberia but have different routes east of Lake Baikal, while the Trans-Kazakhstan (another Trans-Siberian line) runs between Moscow and Urumqi in northwestern China. Prices vary enormously depending on where you buy the ticket and what's included – advertised 2nd-class fares cost €720/£555 from Beijing to Moscow.

There are many travel options between Western Europe and Moscow as well as other Eastern European countries. Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have myriad rail links.

There are also rail links between Germany and Denmark with connections to other Scandinavian countries.



Numerous ferries cross the Mediterranean between Africa and Western Europe. Options include Spain–Morocco, France–Morocco, France–Tunisia and Italy–Tunisia. There are also ferries between Greece and Israel via Cyprus. Ferries also serve Germany from all the Scandinavian countries.

Ferry Lines ( is a useful resource for researching ferry routes and operators.

Passenger Ships

Cruise ships have occasional transatlantic crossings.

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 ( sails between New York, USA and Southampton, England several times a year; the trip takes seven days one-way. Prices start from €2158 for two people in a standard double cabin. Deals abound.