Getting There & Away

The beginning of your Western European adventure is deciding how to travel here, and in these days of cut-throat competition among airlines there are plenty of opportunities to find cheap tickets to a variety of gateway cities.

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Getting Around

Air Cheap airfares make it easy to fly from one end of the continent to the other.

Bicycle From coasting along the flat Netherlands landscape alongside canals to tackling mountainous trails in Italy, Western Europe is ideal for cycling. Bike-rental outlets abound.

Boat Relax at sea on board ferries between Ireland and Britain, France and Spain; Britain and the continent; France and Italy; Spain and Italy; and Italy and Greece.

Car In Britain and Ireland, drive on the left; in continental Europe, drive on the right. Car hire is readily available throughout Western Europe. Non-EU citizens might consider leasing a vehicle, which can work out cheaper.

Train Trains go almost everywhere; they're often fast and usually frequent.