The huge summer travel season hasn't started yet but the sun has burst through the clouds, the weather is gorgeous, and long daylight hours peak during the summer solstice (between 20 and 22 June).

Gay Pride

European Gay Pride celebrations take place on a summer weekend usually in late June but at times as late as August. Amsterdam hosts the world's only waterborne pride parade.

Festa de Santo António

In Portugal's capital, the Festa de Santo António (Festival of Saint Anthony), from 12 June to 13 June, wraps up the three-week Festas de Lisboa (, with processions and dozens of street parties; it’s liveliest in the Alfama.

Festa de São João

Live music on Porto's plazas and merrymaking take place in Portugal's second city. Squeaky plastic hammers (available for sale everywhere) come out for the unusual custom of whacking one another. Everyone is fair game – don't expect mercy.

Glastonbury Festival

One of England's favourite outdoor events is Glastonbury's long, muddy weekend of music, theatre and New Age shenanigans. Tickets usually go on sale in autumn, and always sell out within minutes.

Luxembourg National Day

Held on 23 June, Luxembourg National Day is the Grand Duchy's biggest event – a celebration of the birth of the Grand Duke (though it has never actually fallen on a Grand Ducal birthday).