Ultimate Europe

  • 6 Weeks

Have limited time but want to see a bit of everything? Hit the highlights on this trip.

Start in Dublin, soaking up its vibrant pubs and rich literary history. From Ireland, fly to London for great theatre. Then catch the Eurostar train through the English Channel tunnel to beautiful Paris.

Travel north to Brussels for amazing beer and chocolate, then further north to free-spirited Amsterdam, making time to cruise its canals. Go east, stopping for a cruise on the Rhine, and spend a few days exploring (and surviving) the legendary nightlife in Berlin. Next, visit Vienna for architectural and classical-music riches. Zip west to Zürich and the Swiss Alps for awe-inspiring ski slopes and vistas.

Head to canal-laced Venice, art-filled Florence and historic Rome. Train it to Bari and take a ferry to Athens, then explore island beaches, starting with the stunning Santorini. Connect by air or go by ferry and train to the French Riviera (aka the Côte d'Azur) to check out quintessential Mediterranean destinations such as Nice. Continue to Barcelona, then the Moorish towns of southern Spain like Granada. End your trip in the hilly quarters of Lisbon, toasting your grand journey with Portugal's port wine.