Castles & Palaces

Strategically designed castles and vast royal palaces surrounded by extravagant grounds continue to astound visitors.

Château de Versailles Opulence abounds in the palace's shimmering Hall of Mirrors and sumptuous fountained gardens.

Schloss Neuschwanstein In the heart of the Bavarian Alps, this is everyone’s (including Disney’s) castle fantasy.

Conwy Castle With eight defensive towers, this Welsh fortress is what a serious castle should look like.

Hofburg An imperial spectacle, Vienna's Hofburg exemplifies royal excess.

Alhambra Spain's exquisite Islamic palace complex in Granada is a World Heritage–listed marvel.

Gravensteen The counts of Flanders’ turreted stone castle looms over the medieval Belgian city of Ghent.

Kilkenny Castle Majestic riverside castle in the delightful Irish town of Kilkenny.

Château de Bourscheid Luxembourg’s most evocative medieval ruined castle.