Cafes & Bars

Whether it’s a coffee savoured for an hour or a pint with a roomful of new friends, you’ll find plenty of places to imbibe like a local.

Vienna’s coffee houses Unchanged in decades and redolent with an air of refinement.

Irish pubs Guinness' iconic stout tastes best on home turf, expertly hand-pulled in a traditional pub.

Parisian cafes Opening on to wicker-chair-strewn terraces, Paris' cafes are the city's communal lounge rooms.

Dutch brown cafes Cosy, candlelit havens named for the former tobacco stains on the walls.

Brussels' bars Historic treasures hidden in alleys around the Bourse serve Belgian beer including spontaneously fermented lambic.

Greek tavernas Sip anise-flavoured ouzo in Greece's rustic tavernas.